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One of the things that’s always irked me about a lot of animated series is the lack of planning in conjunction with studio support. You’ll have so many shows come out swinging with great writing and animation only to be cancelled after the first season (I’m looking at you, HUB). Part of that is the fault of the networks, part of that is the creators thinking too big.

What’s awesome about Korra is that they’ve said, 4 books (52 episodes) and we’re done. Nickelodeon is backing them on that promise. It doesn’t mean that they can’t someday come back and do more Korra, but what it means is that we’ll be given a satisfying beginning, middle and end to an animated series — basically we’re finally learning something from anime.

So excited for season three. :D

(Image c/o sakimichan)

Be insignificant…until you aren’t.

I’m guilty of it; a lot of us independent artist folks probably are — that faux significance; the absurd and giant plume of fake feathers. Oh, you’re just working on *so* many things and are-and-have accomplished *so* much. 

But you really haven’t. You and your accomplishments are…pretty insignificant. Sure you’ve got thousands of followers and people retweeting you. You’ve got stacks of concept drawings and half fleshed out scripts. 

But really? You haven’t done shit. You know how you can tell if you haven’t done shit? You *want* to be significant. You *want* to feel you’ve accomplished something. 

You know who doesn’t have those feelings? People who have accomplished things; people who have done shit. 

It doesn’t mean you’re not working your tail off, it just means maybe you should stop wasting time trying to prove to yourself and to everyone around you that you’re significant and should instead accomplish shit that actually makes you significant. 

It’s okay that you’re insignificant — for now. 

Work hard, crush skulls, stop building a Jenga stacked pedestal for yourself, and maybe someday you and your work will matter.

You’ll only ever be significant when you stop trying to be significant because significant people don’t have time to concern themselves with being significant — or insignificant. They just achieve. 

Remembering you matter

I think sometimes it can be forgotten in the endless stream of YouTube videos and tumblr GIFs and DeviantArt postings and Netflix queued movies that making art matters — especially to people who aren’t artists.

Art inspires them to live their lives better; it helps them to make better choices. They get to walk miles and miles in shoes they’ve never worn. Artists show people what might happen if you give a machine free will; the ups and downs of genetic manipulation. Art reminds people what’s important and what’s worth fighting for and what it means to be good and what evil looks like.

Without art, humanity would fall apart. Without art, it probably wouldn’t have survived as long as it has.

Keep creating. What you do matters.

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